Montana decision makers and stakeholders are speaking out against public lands takeover

Montana public lands transfer info

In Big Sky Country, 27 million acres of publicly owned national forest and Bureau of Land Management lands provide fish and wildlife with irreplaceable habitat. Despite the immense value of America’s public lands, special interests are working hard in favor of the Montana public lands transfer. If the state were to take over these lands, it is indisputable that important lands would be sold off and closed to hunting, fishing, and public access.

Montana government officials and stakeholders realize that this idea is unworkable, and they are stepping up in support of America’s public lands legacy.

Steve Bullock Montana public lands transfer

“I do not support any effort that jeopardizes or calls into question the future of our public lands heritage”

-Montana Governor Steve Bullock

Jon Tester Montana public lands transfer

“Imagine how many acres would be locked up if we were forced to sell the lands to wealthy out-of-state interests?”

-U.S. Senator Jon Tester

Steve Daines Montana public lands transfer

“We must stand firm against any efforts to sell our public lands.”

-U.S. Senator Steve Daines

Ryan Zinke Montana public lands transfer

“Montana is not for sale.”

-Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke
(Quoted during his tenure as Montana’s U.S. Representative)

Mary Sexton Montana public lands transfer

“From a fiscal standpoint this idea of transferring public lands to the state is really pretty crazy.”

-Mary Sexton, former director of the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation

Here’s who else stands with sportsmen

Missoula County, representing 114,000 residents in Montana, has formally opposed public land transfer.

Anaconda-Deer Lodge County, representing 10,000 residents in Montana, has formally opposed public land transfer.

The Montana Wood Products Association has formally opposed public land transfer.

These 115 hunting, fishing, wildlife, and conservation groups and businesses across the country are opposed to the sale or transfer of our public lands.

Helena’s Independent Record editorialized in opposition to public lands transfer.

Billings Gazette editorialized in opposition to public lands transfer.