Are you #PublicLandsProud?


We love our access to public lands—and we know you do, too. Show us your proudest and most awe-inspiring moments on public lands and help us protect our American legacy of access for all.

We want to see the results of your greatest public-land hunts and the biggest fish you’ve hooked in public waters. Show us your best days afield in our national forests and on BLM land, alone or with your family, and the most beautiful scenery you’ve discovered simply by taking advantage of open access to our country’s outdoor resources.

Since 2014, efforts have been afoot to transfer federally-managed public lands to the states, which would result in one likely outcome: the fire-sale of these lands to the highest bidder and loss of access for sportsmen and American families. In 2015, hunters and anglers across the West held rallies and responded in their local papers with a resounding ‘No way. Not my lands.’ This fight is still on, from the West Coast to Washington, D.C., and we need sportsmen to do more than just tell lawmakers this is a bad idea—we need to show them.

So, stand up for your continued access to public lands hunting and fishing by tagging photos and videos of what makes you #PublicLandsProud.